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Our History

QTEC was founded in Queens, NY in the late 1980's by Pastor Benjamin Kao as an inter-cultural church serving both Mandarin and English speaking communities. The church began with a group of immigrant families who wanted to worship God together. In the early years, the English ministry started off simply as a fellowship, where youth and college students, led by several counselors, gathered together to worship and grow in the Word of God. In 1999, the ministry began to take on more structure undert the guidance of Pastor Abraham Koo; with formal services, discipleship groups, and outreach activities. In 2008, Pastor Sunny Shih joined the team as the English ministry Pastor. Through those times, many within the congregation responded to the love of Christ and continued to serve in different communities.


The English Ministry was then led under the direction of Pastor Joshua Birchfield from 2015-2020, where many more came through to receive and respond to the love of Christ. Today the English Ministry is transitioning into a new phase and seeking a new shepherd for the flock. 

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