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Every year in the second weekend of July, all of the different ministries at QTEC gather at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA, for a weekend of fellowship and spiritual retreat. 

In the following few weeks, we will be posting retreat reflections from a few attendees about their experiences from this year's retreat and what they've learned and look forward to.

Stay tuned!

                  Having this as my third retreat I felt like I knew the routine. Don’t get me wrong, I was very excited to get away for the weekend. QTEC retreat will always hold a special place in my heart because it was three summers ago that I gave my life to Christ. Since coming to Christ, I have hit my peaks and valleys, yet Christ has been there for all of those moments. This year has been a growing and learning experience in my life and spiritual life. Doing the everyday tasks that need to be done; trying to balance school, friends, family, church and a relationship, I have forgotten how important it is to water the seeds of every relationship made here at QTEC. I have grown so complacent in seeing my QTEC family every Friday and Sunday that I openly admit to not putting in an effort to see how my brothers and sisters in Christ have been doing in their lives.

                 During the sermons and activities done with speaker John, I have never felt a revival so needed within the body of Christ. The heart of QTEC was sparked again and a new energy surged through the veins of this English Ministry. Christ is a provider and sustainer. During the small group discussions I bonded with all my group mates and our discussions took such interesting twists and turns. Pastor Josh was my small group leader and the amount of growing that occurred from that group alone was enough for one weekend. Seeing the growth and the love shared within this small church makes me know that we will expand. This love cannot be contained because we run on the love of Christ. From growing spiritually as an individual and growing closer spiritually with my significant other, this retreat reminded me, that no matter how busy life seems, or how unbearable things seem in a moment, this too shall pass. We are merely a grain of sand on all the beaches of the world. This 2017 summer retreat was a very memorable one for sure.

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