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Every year in the second weekend of July, all of the different ministries at QTEC gather at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA, for a weekend of fellowship and spiritual retreat. 

In the following few weeks, we will be posting retreat reflections from a few attendees about their experiences from this year's retreat and what they've learned and look forward to.

Stay tuned!

                  Being able to accompany Pastor Josh’s EM church group was a brand new experience and a blessing. I have been on retreats in the past, but not as moving as the retreat I went on with Pastor Josh and QTEC. I loved the morning worship songs, and the sermons. However, I especially loved the small group discussions. I was lucky enough to have Pastor Josh leading my small group discussions. Hearing Pastor Josh discuss devotion, faith, and love allowed me to grow deeper in faith. If I had the opportunity to go on retreat with pastor Josh and his congregation again I would do so in a heartbeat. I am truly grateful for the experience I had thanks to Pastor Josh/QTEC's retreat event.


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